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About Us

Our Story

Behind any brand there is a person, a personality. His thoughts, feelings, experiences and life path. It is they who act as the foundation on which what later becomes sometimes a separate and sometimes inseparable brand from the personality is formed.

I have been figure skating since I was 5 years old , participated in local and international competitions. Trained in America with coaches of the highest category. Figure skating was my life.

In 2007 she became the Estonian junior champion. However, having been injured at the age of 16, it was decided to end my sports career, and a new milestone in my life began – I wanted to try myself in an ice show.

At the age of 17 she took part in the show of Tatiana Tarasova. And then I started traveling all over the world, where I was the soloist of various shows.

Figure skating is a very entertaining sport. He instilled in me a sense of purpose, perseverance and love of beauty. The sparkle and radiance of ice, costumes and admiring views of the audience are reflected in the brand I created, K&B Jewelry.


Ksenia Gelstein CEO of K & B Jewelry in Autumn 2022 ” Life Style Baltic” edition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make woman more self-confident and beautiful. To make them shine bright, like all the stars in the universe.

Our Products

Our products are made of hypoallergenic metals : Environmental Copper and Stainless Steel . We use Swarovski and Zircon Crystals.

Our Credo

Jewelry always Fits.